Thumbs up for our sponsors!


Thanks to our sponsors Micky's Foundation has been able to organize all 25 projects. We will continue with project 25-26 in 2022. Micky's Foundation is also very grateful to all (individual) sponsors, which are not represented on this page. 

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Hertz car rental is our most loyal sponsor! Hertz Aruba is an Aruban branch of the world wide Hertz companies. Hertz Aruba has donated both for the 1st (2 cars), our 2nd (1 car), our 3rd project (2 cars) 4th project (1 car), 5th project (2 cars), 6th project (2 cars), 7th project (2 cars), 8th project (2 cars) our extra project (1 car), our 9th project (2 cars), our 10th project (2 cars), 12the project (1 car), project 13 (1 car) project 14 (2 cars), project 16 (2 cars). Even in COVID 19-times of insecurities HERTZ remains loyal to our cause and has decided to continue sponsoring projects 17- 25 which are 25 projects in a row: Thank you Hertz!!


Cars are a necessity for our foundation, since the therapists have to drive to all their clients homes. Thanks to the continuous support of Hertz our therapists have driven safely to all the families. 

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Fonds voor Kind en Handicap


Formally known as STINAFO, Fonds voor Kind en Handicap is a Dutch Foundation, situated in Den Haag. Their aim is to help children within the Dutch Kingdom, with a physical and / or mental limitation. 


FKH has granted four yearly subsidies to Micky's Foundation, for all our projects (1st - 24th). With a total amount of 178.000 Aruban Florins, equaling 88.500,- euro.

FKH has also subsidized the transport of the orthopedical instruments which were donated by Atlas Kidtech in January 2016. In the beginning of 2022 they have (as in 2016) sponsored a new shipment of donated orthopedic instruments (26).



Kiwanis Club of Palm Beach


Kiwanis Club of Palm Beach is an Aruban service Club, providing support and funding to community projects on Aruba. 


Kiwanis Club of Palm Beach has donated a total of 28.000,- Aruban Florins to our 1st, 3rd, 7th, 10th, 13th and 24th project, equaling 14.000,- euro.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


We are very proud to have KLM as one of our sponsors, sponsoring tickets for our projects in 2016. KLM Cargo is also considering transporting donated orthopedic materials for our children on Aruba. We will soon hear more about if we get a green light on that project from KLM. 

De Palm Tours Aruba


De Palm Tours Aruba Corporate is the largest tour operator on Aruba.


They have donated the costs of the air plane ticket of Stéphanie van Gaal, the pediatric physiotherapist of our 2nd project, of Jana van Hecke and Jael Bootsma, both therapists of our 3rd project and Hilke Baumers, the pediatric physiotherapist of our current 4th project and both our therapists of our 6th 7th, 10th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 24th, 25th and 26th project. Since 2019 De Palm Tours is contributing for airline tickets. 

Rotary International Aruba


Rotary International Aruba is an Aruban based service Club of Rotary International.


They have donated a total amount of 45.000,- Aruban Florins, equaling 22.500,- euro for our 3rd, 7th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 16th and 25th project.



ADCTRA is an Aruban based advertising and graphic design company. ADCTRA has donated their designs for Micky's Foundation logo, business cards and flyer, banners and affiches and has always been very helpful with our website and other digital designs. And very warm thank you for the great design of 2018 - 2020 Annual Reports. Thank you Joost Horward!

Anytime Fitness


Anytime Fitness is a Dutch fitness centre basd on different locations, mainly in Limburg. 


Micky's Foundation has received a donation of 1000,- Aruban Florins, equaling 500,- euro. 

Dental Clinic Hagens


Dental Clinic Hagens is an Aruban based dental clinic. They have donated for our 2nd and 8th project 2000 Aruban Florins, equaling 900,- euro. Thank you Harold Hagens.



PriceSmart is an Aruban based membership shopping store. They are part of an international chain of shops. The head office has a philantropical department that give to charity. 


Micky's Foundation has had three donations of products equaling 5300,- Aruban Florins, equaling 2600,- euro.

Johnson Notary Services


Johnson Notary Services is an Aruban based notary office. They have sponsored Micky's Foundation and helped with the notarial procedures.

Women's Club of Aruba


Women's Club of Aruba is an Aruban based service club and a multifaceted nonprofit organization known for its dedication to the betterment of the community.


Micky's Foundation has received a donation for their 3rd and 4th project of 5.000,- Aruban Florins, equaling 5.000,- euro.

Kiwanis Young Professionals Aruba 


Kiwanis Young Professional Aruba is part of Kiwanis Aruba and Kiwanis International, especially focussing on young professionals as their members. 


Micky's Foundation has received a donation of 2.500 Aruban Florin equaling 1250,- euro.

Hospitality Events Kyocera Stadion


Hospitality Events Kyocera Stadion is a Dutch stadion located in Den Haag and home of Den Haag soccer club ADO Den Haag.


They have raised money for charity and donated 2800,- Aruban Florin to our foundation's 1rst project, equaling 1400,- euro.

Aruba Way Foundation


Aruba Way Foundation is an Aruban based non-profit organization, donating to charity on Aruba.


They have donated 15.000,- Aruban Florins to our 2nd project, equaling 7.500,- euro and AWG. 21.000,- Aruban Florins, equaling 11.000,- euro for our 5th and 6th project. 

Garage Centraal Aruba


Garage Centraal Aruba is one of the largest car dealers on Aruba.


Garage Centraal has donated for both the 1st 2nd, 6th, 7th, 9th, 14th and 19th project. They have also sponsored a truck to transport the donated orthopedic instruments from Oranjestad to Centro di Cuido in San Nicolas. 

Atlas Kidtech

In 2016 Atlas Kidtech has donated 5 orthopedic instruments to our foundation. And in 2021 another 12 (bello chairs, zoef-zoef, walkers and statafels)! These instruments are not reimbursed by the Aruban health insurance AZV. Parents are often without these instruments, therefor we are pleased to have received this generous donation. STINAFO had subsidized the transport in January 2016 and Fonds Kind & Handicap in 2021 to Aruba of these instruments. The therapists are working with these instruments during the projects on Aruba.


Stichting Windkracht 10

The founders of this foundation have donated AWG. 6.000,- florins to project 5, 4850,- for our extra project in 2018 and our 9th project and 1500,- for our 12th  and 13th project. Thank you Ron and Rose Mary Conijn (no logo available).


Forsalidad Aruba

The founder of this Aruban based company, Sharon Burgler has donated AWG. 1000,- florins to project 5. 


Stichting Wereld missie hulp België

This foundation has subsidized an amount of AWG. 2248,- florin especially to purchase 2 iPads for the use for the pediatric occupational therapist and the pediatric physiotherapist.


Massy United Aruba

Insurance company Massy United sponsored AWG. 500,- during our special cooperation with stand up comedian Rou Verveer & Friends at Cas di Cultura Aruba 2017. Thank you also to Saskia Budel who helped organise this event and made sponsoring possible.


Ennia Aruba (Guardian Group)

Insurance company Ennia sponsored AWG. 500,- during our special cooperation with stand up comedian Rou Verveer & Friends at Cas di Cultura Aruba 2017. Thank you also to Saskia Budel who helped organise this event and made sponsoring possible.


Papiamento Restaurant 

One of the best Aruban restaurants, Papiamento sponsored AWG. 1000,- during our special cooperation with stand up comedian Rou Verveer & Friends at Cas di Cultura Aruba 2017. Thank you also to Saskia Budel who helped organise this event and made sponsoring possible.


PWC Aruba 

Aruba based PWC sponsored AWG. 500,- during our special cooperation with stand up comedian Rou Verveer & Friends at Cas di Cultura Aruba 2017. Thank you also to Saskia Budel who helped organise this event and made sponsoring possible.


SuperFood Plaza Care Program


In the month of July 2019 we are proud to be selected to be the good cause for their Care Program. Clients of the Superfood were asked to give a donation to the foundation. The total donation was: AWG. 36.960,18. Thank you for the confidence and support! This donation will be used to rent the house for the therapist throughout 2020 (projects 16-19).

Stekelenburg Schade en Onderzoek Bureau BV


In 2019 and 2020 Jan Stekelenburg from Stekelenburg schade en onderzoek bureau BV in Breda decided to give an annual contribution of 750,- euro to the foundation, equaling AWG. 1500,-

Coordinatie Commissie Maatschappelijke Bijdrage DIP Gobierno di Aruba


In 2019 the Coordinatie Commissie Maatschappelijke Bijdrage has granted subsidy of AWG. 50.000,- (equalling 25.000 euros) to the foundation. This Committee is represented by several government officials and grants subsidies to good causes in Aruba in the field of innovation, Sports, Culture and Environment. 

Kootstra Fysiotherapie Nuenen


In 2019 pediatric physiotherapist Anouk Otten was hired to work in project 16. Beacuse this was just before Christmas, her team decided to donate their corporate Christmas gifts, to Micky's Foundation. A donation of 400 euros, equaling 800 florin was made. 

Stichting WereldWijd Voor Kinderen


In 2019 stichting WWvK donated an amount of 3.550 euro, an equivalent of 7100 florin. WWvK wants te create, for every child everywhere on earth a loving climate filled with growth opportunities. 

Total Finance Aruba


In 2020 during the carnaval 66 season, Total Finance organized a donation campaign for a good cause. Printed T-shirts were sold for 10,- each and the revenues were donated. Eventually 5000,- florin was collected, equaling 2500 euros. Masha danki mevrouw Van Trigt for this great initiative!

Quota International of Aruba


In April 2022 we were very much surprised with the very generous donation of AWG. 5000.- for our projects in 2022.