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Report on rehabilitation in Aruba 2023

Independent Aruban researcher in the field of social work, drs Caroll Kock produced a very interesting report based on and profound investigation of the Aruban rehabilitation sector. She was assigned to execute this investigation by the Plataforma pa Hende cu Limitacion (PPL), which Micky's Foundation is part of. Her report presents an overview of the status of the supply of different organizations all working for people with limitations on Aruba. It also shows the significant lacking of structural embedding of rehabilitation services in Aruba. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) which are supposed to be on the governments agenda are a main focus in the field of rehabilitation.


Micky's Foundation is doing a very well job with our services to the community, but for the system to improve the wellbeing of our target group, we need to collaborate more effectively. A great example of this collaboration is our ongoing partnership with the MultiDisciplinair Overleg (MDO) at the H.O. Hospitaal with several doctors and therapists to assess cases of severe medical conditions due to (mainly) neurological disorders. 

For further reading of drs Kock's report read the PP -->

Situation Assessment on Rehabilitation in Aruba 2024

The Aruba Ministry of Health and Tourism (MoHT) provides governance over the rehabilitation sector though the Department of Public Health (DPH). Undertaking the STARS Situation Assessment reflects an increasing focus on rehabilitation by the MoHT and the DPH. The Situation Assessment of rehabilitation in Aruba took place on April 6 through June 30, 2023 with technical support from the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization (WHO).


In this report you can read the latest situation assessment on rehabilitation in Aruba and its recommendations. Micky's Foundation participated in this assessment and is mentioned in a very positive sense on page 55.

To the left you can read an article in the news letter of STINAFO, where they presented the project with the generous help from Atlas Kidtech, of the donation of 5 orthopedic instruments to the foundation.

In 2021 Atlas Kidtech and Fond Kind & Handicap (before knows as STINAFO)  have donated another 13 instruments to the foundation.

To the left and under, an article in the quaterly magazine Educare (theme "in contact with nature"), about the therapy Micky received in September 2013 in Curacao Dolphin Training Center. Here you see a photo of Micky and his dolphin Chabalita. Read the article at: PRINTED MEDIA.

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