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A continuous representation of child rehabilitation in Aruba.

Run by passionate volunteers. For free.

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Project 32 is financially supported by:

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Project 1-32 

In Aruba, the situation in the field of therapeutic and medical assistance to children with a serious physical and/or cognitive disability is distressing and, due to its small scale, very inadequate. To provide a structural answer to this disturbing situation, Micky's Foundation was established at the end of 2014. We organize back-to-back projects of 3 months each, in which 2 therapists treat 40-45 children (at home or at school). They come as volunteers and work for an expense allowance. They are BIG registered and highly qualified to perform their paramedical activities for our target group in Aruba. Continuity of therapy is very important for the parents and children. In the period 2015-2024, Micky's Foundation has so far treated 200 children, with more than 20,000 free therapy hours, by 63 therapists. The reactions from parents are extremely positive, also because there is a cooperation with the locally treating therapists and we have started a lobby at the local health insurance company the AZV. The therapy is free. We do not receive any government subsidy. We depend on donations. The therapy is always given with the assistance of at least one parent, so they can learn to give (easy) therapy exercises to their child.

Do you want to know more about our history and activities, please read the 'About us' section.
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Project 32 has started

In April 2024 two very experienced therapists from Belgium have entered the Aruba arena! Pediatric physiotherapist Hélène Verstraeten and pre verbal speech therapist Bente Pisman are continuing the great work of Enya and Martina in project 31. Hopi exito Hélène and Bente! 



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We are very pleased with the partnership with Keller William Aruba (real estate) to organize a 'day out' for our children, Friday May 10th, enjoying Philips Animal Garden and a pizza at Casa Tua in Palm Beach. 

A true Christmas spirit gesture from Gianni's restaurant to our children and their parents on December 14th 2023. 

Here you see Lex (physio) working with Noah (4) in project 29, on standing up, looking for balance and gaining strenght. 

Marian from project 30 working with Ameila, who was born with spina bifida and after years of practice can now have fun on a bicycle by herself!