After the COVID-19 lockdown that took place from March until the end of June 2020, Aruba had re-opened her borders in July. We immediately started the next project (17) on July 8th and are now continuing with project 18. 

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Project 1 to 18...

1st project

In December 2014 we started our first official project. Two specialized therapists (a pediatric physiontherapist Kim Rijnders and a pre verbal speech therapist Linda van Dijk) have given intensive therapeutic treatments to 13 children on Aruba, for three months. 


2nd project

Motivated by the progression of the children involved, we started our second project on June 15th. 15 children in need of specialized therapy have received therapy from pediatric physiotherapist miss Stéphanie van Gaal, until August 29th 2015. 


3rd project

In April 2016 we finished our 3rd project, working with Jana van Hecke (pediatric physiotherapist) and Jael Bootsma (pre verbal speech therapist). They have provided intensive therapy to 20 children for 3 months (January - April 2016).


4th project

The 4th project which was organized 

from July 25t to October 5th 2016 was led by

pediatric physio therapist miss Hilke Baumers.

Thank you Hilke!

5th project 

Our 5th project, between December 1st and March 1st 2017 has ended. With pediatric occupational therapist Sophie de Bont and Pediatric physiotherapist Tim Peters, we have achieved great progress, working with 20 families. During this project 4 new children have found their way to our foundation. They have had an intake and will participate in project 6. 

6th project (March 21st - June 18th 2017)

Our 6th project has ended. With pediatric occupational therapist Sophie de Bont and Pediatric physiotherapist Kinke de Weerd, we have achieved great progress, working with 21 families. 

7th project (July 1st - September 30th 2017)

Our 7th project has ended. With pre verbal speech therapist Linda Vermeulen and Pediatric physiotherapist Marissa Lake-Hunsel, we have achieved great progress, working with 24 families. 

8th project 2017 (October 16th 2017 - January 13th 2018)

Our 8th project has ended. We thank pediatric physiotherapist Liselotte de Kort and pediatric ergo therapist Nathalie Houweling. They have achieved many great results with the group of 22 children.

9th project 2018 (March 19th - June 14th)

Project 9 has ended. We thank physiotherapist Irene Pouls Reijnen and ergo therapist Silvie Vanstipelen. They have achieved great progress and did many intakes of new children. They treated 28 children.

10th project 2018 (July 1st - September 30th)

Project 10 has ended. We thank pre verbal speech therapist Esther and ergo therapist Inger for their passionate work. They have achieved many great interventions and continued the progress of the children. The have treated 22 children.


11th project 2018 -2019 (October 10th - January 7th)

Project 11 has ended We thank pediatric physiotherapist Marije Bastiaansen and pre verbal speechtherapist Saskia Niewold. for their dedicated work and great progress they have achieved with the children. They have treated 28 children.

12th project 2019 (January 7th - March 25th)

Project 12 has ended We thank pediatric physiotherapist Karin Franken for her dedicated work and great progress she has achieved with the children. She treated 24 children.

13th project 2019 (April 2nd - June 30th)

Project 13 has ended We thank pediatric physiotherapist Eli Kuijper for her dedicated work and great progress she has achieved with the children. She treated 28 children.

14th project 2019 (July 1st - September 30th)

Project 14 has ended. We thank pediatric physiotherapist Marsha Burggraaff and Ergo therapist Robin Theunissen for their dedicated work and great progress they has achieved with the children. They treated 34 children.

15th project 2019 (October 2nd-December 30th)

Project 15 has ended. We thank pediatric physiotherapist Els van Uden and pre verbal speech therapist Pamela Kreeuseler. for their enormous effort and passion they've displayed, working with a group of around 30-35 children.

16th project 2020 (January 6th - April 2nd)

Due to COVID 19, project 16 had to end earlier then planned. Carmen and Anouk have, nevertheless worked effortlessly to provide physio therapeutic treatment to 34 children. Thank you Carmen and Anouk for your dedication, hard work and beautiful results.

17th project 2020 (July 10th - September 30th)

Project 17 started July 10th. Pediatric physiotherapist mevrouw Pleun Kokken and speech therapist mevrouw Stephanie Rudelsheim have continued the work of Carmen and Anouk in project 16 and have been great in their efforts to enhance the progress with the children. Thank you Pleun & Stephanie! 

18th project 2020 (October 1st - December 30th)

Project 18 has started October 1st with the continuation of pediatric physiotherapist mevrouw Pleun Kokken and the new coming occupational therapist mevrouw Kati Thor. 

Projects 19, 20, 21, 22 in 2021: LOOKING FOR THERAPISTS!

See also: PROJECTS 2021 

We work together as much as we can with the local therapists and professionals. Micky's Foundation is member of the Aruban Platform for people with a disability (PPL).


For more information or if your child is in need of specialized therapy, please feel free to contact us.



Asaf keeps on walking

Anouk, our kinderfysiotherapeute from project 16: "Twice a week I go to the Arco Iris Kleuterschool and work with sweet Asaf (5). He is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and has a lot of spasticity in his legs. Because of the spasticity it isn’t possible for him to fully stretch his legs. He always walks with some flexion in his knees and on his toes. This is very hard and exhausting, so he also has a walker to support him. He started at Micky’s Foundation in project 14 after a botox treatment in Holland. At this moment he needs again a botox treatment, but it isn’t possible to go to Holland. During the therapy we try to make his legs as strong as possible. Also we focus on the endurance of his walking and improving his balance."

Isla's first

Isla is a little girl who is  4 years old. She was born at 29 weeks and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She lives with her mum and dad and older sister Elena in Aruba.

Isla is a happy girl and like to play with us and make fun. In this video you see the excitement of both her mum and Isla, when she takes off on her first ever steps in her

 Meet Ayron 

Meet Ayron, in this video only 1 year old, part of our projects since the beginning. Ayron was a premature and is behind in his motoric development. Last year Ayron could not balance his sitting position. Now, with help from our therapists (here working with Jana) he shows great progress, standing up by himself in a correct way and feeling happy!

Jael working with Jevan:

In this video Jevan is 15 year old. He has Cerebral Palsy. Because of unvoluntary movements in his arms, he was unable to eat by himself. With the help from, Jael our pre verbal speech therapistsome and adjustments and a lot of hard work by Jevan and his family, he is now able to eat some foods by himself. He presses his right hand down with his left hand, which helps him to stabilize. In this video we made a little 'barrier' on to whick he can press his fork, so it won't slip past the sausage. He is now trying tother techniques and other kinds of foods. Jevan enjoys his independance a lot! 

Two thumbs up 
for atlas kidtech!

Many many thanks for the


donation of 5 orthopedic


instruments to Micky's Foundation.



Aruba does not provide in these


must have-instruments for many


children in need. Now our  


therapists, like Jana can work


with children like Disjonrick who


is really helped by a so-called


'statafel', where his body learns


how to stand up, despite of his


spastic motoric problems


See also: Jana working with






Un danki especial

In January 2014, almost a year



before we commenced with our






official project, everything



started with a very successful



pilot project. 


If it wasn't for Elise Nackaerts



and Neeltje Teulings, Micky's



Foundation would maybe never



have seen the light.

They worked with Micky and



three other children and proved 

that the goals we set out to



achieve today, were orchestrated



back then.





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